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Since all respirators leak, a fit test is a procedure to either qualitatively (pass/fail) or quantitatively (actual numerical value) evaluate the fit of the respirator on the worker. Both qualitative and quantitative methods have advantages and disadvantages. Qualitative (pass/fail) methods are inexpensive, fast, and easy to perform. Their disadvantages include a subjective response by the patient, variances in individual responses to the odor threshold screening, olfactory fatigue, and interference from colds and heavy smoking with the ability to smell/taste the test agents. Smokers are required to perform a pulmonary function test, (PFT). Full face mask requires quantitative testing and PFT.


Advantages to quantitative methods include an objective response from the patient and hard copy printouts of the test response that can be maintained as permanent record of the test. The disadvantages include the high cost of the testing equipment and associated incidentals. Quantitative is required for full face masks and most of our testing is full face. Avoid recordables. Get it done right the first time.




Quantitative Fit Test + Meq  $95.00

PFT  $45.00

2nd mask only $35

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