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H2S Awareness

H2S safety is a serious matter that cannot be taken lightly. H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) is an extremely toxic gas that can kill a person instantly, or in just a matter of minutes. The first line of defense against the dangers of Hydrogen Sulfide is a quality H2S Awareness Training course. Through Kenedy Back and Neck Clinic’s safety training you will learn what H2S is, where you might encounter H2S, H2S properties and characteristics, the health effects of H2S, safe work practices, PPE, detection methods, and emergency response procedures. An understanding of these topics could save your life. Many people work around H2S everyday safely, and it is because they have had the training necessary to protect themselves from this highly dangerous gas. Kenedy Back and Neck Clinic’s H2S Awareness Training course is designed first and foremost to help keep you safe, and help individuals and organizations comply with OSHA's H2S safety training requirements. Take our H2S Awareness Training course today, and protect yourself from the known and unknown dangers of H2S tomorrow. We can accommodate up to 25. Call us at 830-583-8045.

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